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The current state of women in India is reflected in the Gender Inequality Index which ranks it at 130 out of 150 countries. One of the challenges the United Nations Development Programme has identified when it comes to this disparity is the lack of participation of women in employment and decision making processes among many others.

With the intention of empowering women who can lead change within their specific professions, The British Deputy High Commission of India, Women of Worth (WOW)  -A Unit of Provide and The Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) aim to recognise aspirational young women through a nation-wide social media campaign titled, She Leads.

The campaign will identify top 10 women who will be chosen through a social media contest series that is open for graduate and post graduate students from across India between the ages of 18 and 24 years.

With live campus presentations in two cities, namely New Delhi and Chennai, and an online presence through the rest of the country, the contest is aimed at identifying students’ potential and natural ability to be leaders.

The selected students,

  • will be provided opportunities to meet leaders from around the world in various fields by the British High Commission.
  • will be invited to attend high profile events held at the high commission for a period of 6 months
  • will be part of the final event to be held in Chennai and Delhi where the top 10 from across India will be recognised. The event will feature some of UK’s prominent leaders.
  • The top 10 will also have access to guidance for the prestigious Chevening Scholarship.
  • The participating colleges will also receive a certificate of excellence from the British High Commission, Women of Worth and The Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry for investing into potential women leaders.

She Leads, hopes to educate young women on the challenges of today’s world and inspire them to take up effective roles in business, entrepreneurship, politics, education and so on. With more women in top jobs as key leaders and decision makers in their field, the campaign intends to bridge the gender gap,  tap the middle-class women who are often overlooked , are undecided about their profession and their contribution to society despite a high level of education.

Who is behind SHE LEADS